Pastor’s Message July

A Better Peace

July 4 “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”

I long for peace, just as everyone else in the world. I also want to see peace in my own life. But there is this frustration: Where can I find real peace? If I rely on what the world offers, I will be disappointed. Its peace is like a morning fog which disappears with dissention and strife. So where can I find a true and lasting peace?

As Jesus prepared his disciples for their life after his departure, he offered them his peace. That peace would not be found in what the world would offer. What Jesus promised them was a better peace, a peace that would calm their troubled hearts and allay their fears. It is also what he offers me today.

Jesus’ peace is better because it tells me I do not have to be consumed with worry when the world is filled with chaos. He rules over all things and assures me everything will work out for my good.

Jesus’ peace is better because it tells me I am no longer at odds with God because of my sinful rebellion. He washes away my sin, declares me to be his own, and promises me a place in heaven.

Jesus’ peace is better because it tells me that this world and its wicked ways will not torment me forever. He daily guards my heart and life, and he promises nothing will overcome me.

Jesus’ peace is better because it addresses real needs and provides real solutions. He invites me to come to him in prayer whenever I am weary and burdened.

Jesus’ peace will always be better than what the world gives because he established it through his selfless sacrifice and his loving faithfulness. Through Jesus I will always know peace.


Prayer: O dearest Jesus, you have established peace and you have given it to me through faith. Help me find that peace whenever the devil threatens me, whenever the world rages against me, or whenever my sinful flesh leads to doubt and fear. Amen.