Pastor’s Message January

Where did the time go?

Luke 2:41-42 Every year his parents went to Jerusalem for the Feast of the Passover. When he was twelve years old, they went up to the Feast, according to the custom.

Christmas finally gets here, and now it’s gone. Plans were laid. Preparations were made. Months were spent dreaming about toys under the tree. Frantic rushing consumed lives to get it all in before the Christmas bells rang.

Then it came. Now it’s gone. The anticipation for Christmas built up to such a fevered pitch and then it passed so quickly.  Other holidays and special celebrations dot the calendar. But none are quite as special as Christmas. None can compare to the anticipation and joy we experience on that holy day. Then it’s gone.

On the pages of Scripture, Christmas passes just as quickly. Prophecy after prophecy piled up to fill in the portrait of the promised Savior. Angelic messengers told of his arrival. Suddenly there he was. Baby Jesus was laid in a manger. Then Scripture quickly changed the scenery. Jesus was a baby no more. Scripture has moved on. In the first part of Luke 2 we hear the familiar Christmas account.  Now in the last part of that same chapter he’s a boy. He’s already 12 years old. Now he’s traveling with his parents across the country. Where has the time gone?

Why does Scripture skip over every account between Jesus’ birth and his 12th year of life and then leap forward to his 30th year? We don’t know. What we don’t know about Jesus’ childhood, we must not need to know. But what we do have is ours to cherish.

The Son of God came to be born a human being. But he didn’t stay a baby wrapped up in swaddling clothes all his life. He didn’t set his head down in a manger every night. Jesus came to this earth to be a full-grown Savior. Christmas just made it possible.

Today as you focus on these verses of the Bible, you get to spend time with Jesus. Mere days after Christmas, joy is revived every time the Holy Spirit speaks to your heart through the Word. Cherish each opportunity to spend time in God’s Word. Even as the activities of your Christmas fade into the background, let Jesus prolong your Christmas joy as you get to reopen his gift to you again and again.