This Week’s Sermon

Sermon:  Luke 6:17-26                                        Who are you?

  1. Are you spiritually poor or rich?
  2. Are you spiritually hungry or well fed?
  3. Are you spiritually lamenting or laughing?
  4. Are you spiritually persecuted or praised?

Sermon: Luke 5:1-11                               Lets Go Fishing

  1. He uses a boat for his pulpit.
  2. He uses a boat for a miracle.
  3. He leaves the boat for his mission.

Sermon:  Luke 4:20-32                               Jesus speaks the truth.

  1. This scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.
  2. Do here what you did in Capernaum.
  3. No prophet is accepted in his hometown.

Sermon:  Luke 4:14-21                     Jesus brings good news.

  1. It was predicted by Isaiah.
  2. It was fulfilled by Jesus.

Sermon:  John 2:1-11 – Jesus reveals himself as true God.

  1. He shows his timing.
  2. He shows his power.
  3. He shows his glory.

Sermon: Luke 3:15-17,21,22       John prepares the  way.

  1. By pointing to Jesus
  2. By baptizing Jesus


Sermon – Matthew 2:1-12-  Oh, Come, Let Us Worship Him.

  1. Don’t talk the empty talk of the hypocrite.
  2. Walk the sincere walk of the magi.


SERMON   John 1:1-14  Jesus is the Word

  1. In the beginning
  2. When he became flesh.

SERMON Philippians 4:4-7 Jesus gives us joy not only at Christmas.
1. Joy that is constant

2. Joy that shows

3. Joy that gives us peace

SERMON  Luke 3:1-6 John’s Message Gives Us Peace.

  1. He denounces our sin.
  2. He announces our Savior.

Sermon: Jeremiah 33:14-16   When the fullness of time comes,

  1. He will fulfill his promises.
  2. He will raise a righteous branch.
  3. He will save his people.

Sermon:  Daniel 7:9, 10, 13, 14    Jesus comes as our King.

  1. He is given power from the Ancient of Days.
  2. He is given everlasting authority over all people.

Sermon – Daniel 12:1-3- (Bible pg. 1393) He will rescue us in the end.

  1. He will deliver us from a time of distress.
  2. He will raise us from the sleep of death.
  3. He will exalt those who lead many to righteousness.

Sermon: John 5:19-24            The Father empowers his Son…

  1. to raise up the dead.
  2. to judge the world.

SERMON – Romans 10:12-15  How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.

  1. They are sent to all people.

2. They bring news of salvation.

Sermon: Mark 10:17-27                   Two dangerous extremes

  1. Overestimating ourselves
  2. Underestimating God

Sermon – Genesis 2:18-24- Marriage is established by God.

  1. It is one man and one woman.
  2. It is a commitment to love.
  3. It is a life-long union.

Sermon:  James 4:7-12 – God lifts up the humble.

  1. Humble yourselves before God.
  2. Humble yourselves before your brother.

Sermon:                     Trust in the name of the Lord.

  1. He suffered willingly.
  2. He suffered resolutely.
  3. He suffered innocently.

Sermon: Isaiah 35:4-7a               Be Strong, Do Not Fear!

  1. Your God has come.
  2. He has done great things.

Sermon – Deuteronomy 4:1,2,6-8- God’s Word gives you wisdom…

  1. to guide your life.
  2. to witness to others.

Sermon:  Joshua 24:1, 2a, 14-18 Decisions, Decisions

  1. God chooses us first.
  2. We can then choose God.

Sermon: 1 Kings 19:3-8       I walk in danger all the way.

  1. We sometimes get discouraged.
  2. We have the angel of the Lord with us.
  3. We should listen to him.

Sermon:  Jeremiah 23:1-6          Jesus is our Righteous Branch.

  1. He punishes the unjust.
  2. He prospers his flock.
  3. He provides us with righteousness.

Sermon:  Amos 7:10-17                Who do you believe?

  1. False prophets continue with their lies.
  2. True prophets confess the truth of the Word.

Sermon: Mark 6:1-6                        Familiarity breeds contempt.

  1. We see contempt in their heart.
  2. We see the results in their life.

Sermon – Lamentations 3:22-33-  The Lord is good to those who hope in him.

  1. Look for his daily compassions.
  2. Wait for his future deliverance.


Sermon:  Job 38:1-11                         Why did this happen to me?

  1. We can’t question God’s wisdom.
  2. We can’t doubt God’s power.

Sermon:  Ezekiel 17:22-24- The Kingdom of God grows.

  1. He plants a tree on the mountain.
  2. He draws others to the tree.
  3. He makes the dry tree flourish.

Sermon: Matthew 27:27-31)                 Where are you?

  1. You were lost in sin.
  2. You are found by grace.

Sermon:  Deuteronomy 5:12-15 – We show God love.

  1. By observing his day of rest and keeping it holy.
  2. By remembering what he has done for our rest.

Sermon:  John 3:1-17       The Triune God has provided your Salvation.

  1. The Father gave his Son.
  2. The Son gave his life.
  3. The Spirit gives us life.

Sermon:  John 14:25-27 – The Holy Spirit does his work.

  1. He quenches our thirst with the water of life.
  2. He causes living water to flow from us.

Sermon: 1 John 4:13-21  Plug into God’s Love.

  1. It is the right source.
  2. It warms our heart.
  3. It warms the life of others.

Sermon:  1 John 4:1-6–           Test the Teachers

  1. Examine the message.
  2. Consider the source.

Sermon:  1 John 3:18-24-         Love has no limit.

  1. It is unlimited in giving.
  2. It is unlimited in action.
  3. It is unlimited in comfort.

Sermon: John 10:11-18             Jesus is our Good Shepherd.

  1. He cares for his sheep.
  2. He knows his sheep.

Sermon:  1 John 5:1-6                            True Faith Shows

  1. By loving God’s children
  2. By obeying his commands
  3. By victory over the world